One – Bead Earrings

These simple earrings are so fun to make!


2 head pins (color of your choice)

2 earing wires (same color as pins)

2 medium size beads


1 pair of needle – nosed pliers

1 pair of side cuts

First, string one of the beads onto a head pin.

Using the pliers, grip the pin a few millimeters above the bead.

With your fingers, bend the pin around the pliers to make a loop.

Cut the excess wire with the wire cutters.

(You can even up the loop with the pliers after you cut the wire).

Next, open the loop on one of the earring wires with the pliers.

String the bead onto the earring wire…

…and close the loop.

Repeat with the remaining supplies to make the other earring.

Note: You might want to get extra supplies just in case you make a mistake.


Comments on: "One – Bead Earrings" (1)

  1. Grandma McDonough said:

    You have a special gift of making everything look so easy and FUN!

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